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Dell webcam manager is a utility that list and launch applications
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Mamun Dell Inspiron Webcam software is needed.

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Guest I love the webcam. It is pretty fun to play around with. The only down part is that I don't know how to install the create avatar thing. It keeps telling me that I need to download it, but it doesn't even tell me where to go to get it! Otherwise it's a lot of fun.

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Guest My laptop is working but I don't know what happened to my webcam: it stopped working.

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Herbert L. Ayers

Herbert L. Ayers WildTangeny is the hardest company to get a hold of and they do not listen to you when you say no to wild Coines. They steal from your bank account and you have to file legal charges against them.
I have removed all of there software from my computer and I am ready to fight them in court if I have to. I want them to return all my money or else I will fight.

Herbert L. Ayers
1538 NE 644th St.
Old Town, Fl. 32680

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Tom Williams

Tom Williams This program is fast and easy to use. I use it to create comprehensive nutrition programs, with just a few clicks, and to track my clients progress. It is a great motivational tool for my clients. I found that with a few clicks that I can create a summary of their fitness gains over time. In addition to my regular sessions I now have added monthly assessment sessions at a higher rate and my clients love it.

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Guest very good

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jd On October 20 2010 I bought the extension "Print On Demand" for Outlook because it was the only extension which did what I wanted to that I could find on the internet. The extension NEVER worked as advertised. It often would not work at all - it would only print the email and not the attachment. When it did start it was only after several button pushes. It also opened up dozens of word.exe in my task manager which would monopolize my memory. I would have to go in and manually close these.

Contacting online chat support was fraught with disconnections. No matter what problem I contacted the company about, the support staff always had the same tedious "solution": uninstall the program, download two programs RegistryCleaner.exe, UninstallAddIns.exe, SperrySoftwareAddinsReset.exe and then reinstall the program. The problem with this was not only was it extremely time consuming, it did not work, and it erased all of my outlook settings. Then if this "solution" did not work, the support staff would request a log file. I went through this long laborious process three times. The last time, over a week ago, they said they would email me back, and I have never heard anything. And the problem never was solved.

Sperry Software is garbage, which does not work, their tech solutions are laborious and don't solve the problem. Avoid them at all costs.

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Lourdes Garcia

Lourdes Garcia I changed my operative system to win 7, I have trouble with dell webcam manager drivers. Can you help me to get the drivers?
Thanks for your time.

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